1. I went to my first poetry slam today put on by the amazingly talented Guelph Poetry Slam team. My favourite poems were this one about gender (above) and one about racism in an elevator and other underlying factors of being scared of the person you’re with “To the white girl in the elevator” (it was a new spin on the topic I hadn’t heard before and it was really well done)
2. I went completely on my own, which is a big deal since almost everything around here happens in at least pairs.
3. I made a new friend with the girl I was sitting beside (whose name I regretfully cannot remember, although I do know that she’s doing her PhD in poly sci and likes sushi).
4. Some stranger complimented my mickey mouse sweater

Create a gif of something Intimate and Indispensable

I made one of my teddy bear; his name is teddy because I never got around to actually naming him and after a while no name felt right. He’s been with me for a very long time, but not as long as you might think. As a child I wasn’t a big fan of sleeping with dolls and whatnot because their hair or fur always got in my mouth. But at some point as I got older, I found this teddy bear and started cuddling it when I slept. Despite the fact that I was no longer a little kid, I grew greatly attached to him to the point where even as a legal standing adult, he still rides in my backpack with his head poking out when I got on family trips or when I travel to and from university. I don’t think I could ever replace him with a new animal, it just wouldn’t feel the same.

The gif shows me leaving him on my bed in the morning, and how he never fails to welcome me back with open arms.